Are you done trading your time for money with your 9-5 life?

Are you dreaming of a better life for yourself and your family, dreaming of calling in more money - but don't know how to start or where to find te skills to break free of the treadmill?

Don't worry, I got you!

What will you learn during this 60 min FREE masterclass?

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How to build a thriving online business in 6 weeks even if you have nothing to sell & have zero experience!

And without you having to sell anything that is not in alignment with who you are!

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What are the 6 most common mistakes made by aspiring digital nomads and how to avoid them! 

❗️This knowledge is crucial to know when you are beginning your new online income-journey ☝︎

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The 3-part framework you need to build an online business that can give you the freedom you're looking for!

Implement this to build a digital income that rolls in without you being present 😍


Are you ready to step out of the 9-5 matrix 

and step into your power, 

claiming your time and freedom back 

and start a location independent online business?


.. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - if you believe it to be and take action! We have just beemn taught to limit ourselves, and somehow got trapped in the 9-5 thining. But I promise you, that there are more to life than that! We don't have or need to work for a fixed salary our whole lifes. we don't even have to work for anybody else .. Let me open the door to a new way of living and help you get started with your own online business that can give your way no .. Just like I was helped getting started with my online business.
The power of deciding and choosing your life and reality is key to build the life of your dreams. And then together with finding the right tools to start your journey .. Next step is putting in the work required and voila .. you are about to manifest the dreams you envision for yourself!


YOU have the power of choice and the ability to make the decision to change your life around ANYTIME!

To me, that is the biggest gift and joy of life! 
It took me quite some years to wrap my head around the idea of abundance and the power of choice, but I now fully understand it!

To create and thrive with an online business while traveling the world is to me
not about luck, it's about making a decision to turn your life around, then taking an active choice to take life in your own hands, start learning and creating!

I have found my mentors and wish to share the skills I learned with you! 
You have the POWER to be your own boss, to build the life of your dreams! 

You don't have to trade your time for an hourly rate for the rest of your life! 


I was stuck in the idea of what society is expecting of us, what is the 'easy' and obvious choice for us to live our lives. 
But in my heart I knew from my early 20's, that there was more to see, more to discover, more to learn and more to experience!  

So I started traveling... For years, I kept on returning to Denmark to work a fulltime job in a kindergarden in-between my travels, as I didn't crack the code on how to earn enough money while traveling, to keep me on the go. I taught yoga, acroyoga and sold jewelleries to pay for the food and accommodation for the day, but I dreamed of becoming financially independent and earn more than what I need to pay my student loan out and save up to buy land and build a community <3

This course helped me with everything I needed to know to get started with creating an online business, and becoming that digital nomad I've always dreamed of!
It showed me step by step how to start and set everything I needed up. And taught me marketing skills I thought I had to go to school to learn!

I am forever grateful to have found Kev and Jade and their guide to start my business with their tangible, practical, step-by-step approach and teachings !



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